Paul’s ZX Spectrum pages

1982 ZX Spectrum hardware

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was one of the most popular home computers in the early eighties. First released in 1982, it was equiped with a lightning fast 3.54 MHz Zilog Z80A microprocessor, 16KB or 48KB of RAM (later models housed an impressive 128KB) and it was able to display a resolution of 256x192 pixels in an overwhelming range of 8 colours (hence the name ‘Spectrum’).

This machine was the first computer I ever owned and it taught me a lot about the way that computers (still) work. Its native programming language, called Sinclair Basic, is very accessible to novices and makes it easy to play around with text and graphics for instance. The simple architecture of the machine also makes it relatively easy to program in Z80 assembly.

These pages are dedicated to some of the projects I did on this machine. Just because they were fun to do and other people might appreciate them as well... :)