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Chalet Comprimé is the condensed counterpart of House Industries’ Chalet typeface family. It is loosely based on the experimental typeface designs by André Albert Chalet, fashion designer.

“ [...] Working from a solitary pencil drawing, Paul van der Laan developed the ten font family while closely adhering to René’s classic Chalet typeface. With a simple sketch, Chalet brilliantly redefined the concept of extended typographic systems and rejected the common practice of unimaginative condensed addition to an existing typeface. Instead of altering letters in a rigid and mechanical fashion, he reinterpreted them by emphasizing elements found in the original version. René conceived of a compressed counterpart, derivative of foundational forms, while simultaneously taking a refreshing departure from its geometric origins. From the classic to the quixotic, the well-rounded typographic repertoire of Chalet Comprimé gives design, advertising and marketing professionals the utmost flexibility in furnishing countless design solutions.” (Excerpt from the Comprimé specimen)

Chalet Comprimé can be bought from the House Industries website.

Specimen showing various Chalet Comprime variants