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FF Kievit, designed by Mike Abbink, was chosen in 2004 as the new corporate typeface for Autodesk Inc. – developer of (among others) the renowned AutoCAD software.

In order to accommodate the linguistic requirements for this global company, FF Kievit was expanded to a great extent by Paul van der Laan.

Firstly, the original family of six weights was expanded to nine: adding Thin, ExtraLight and Light variants. Subsequently, the characterset of every variant in every weight was increased to have pan-European language support with many accented characters for Scandinavian, Baltic, Eastern European, Slavic, and Turkish. The Cyrillic and Greek counterparts shown on the right were added later as well.

Eventually all the different versions were combined in the FF Kievit Pro packages, which can be bought at the FontShop website.

Specimen showing various Kievit Cyrillic variants Specimen showing various Kievit Greek variants