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NKK Gothic was developed for the Nederlands Kamerkoor (Netherlands Chamber Choir), as part of a new identity designed by Studio Dumbar.

Initially, it was the studio’s idea to make all typography manually, by using Franklin Gothic and apply different stroke widths to it. But in order to implement the identity as easy as possible, and to accomodate the automatic generation of typography in interactive media, it became apparent that a set of specifically drawn fonts was preferable.

NKK Gothic is still firmly based on Franklin Gothic, but on the other hand most of the shapes have been redrawn to make them smoother and more elegant, best notable in the lowercase g. A large collection of extra ligatures and alternative shapes has been added as well. The end result is a set of three fonts with different outline strokes that can be mixed seamlessly.

NKK Gothic is not available for licensing

Specimen showing various NKK Gothic variants